New Year, Old Retirement Problems

Let this New Year offer you more opportunities to improve on how you plan for your future – enough with the old and the negative vibes of the yesteryear! This time around, you can make a difference. We’re listing down several reasons why a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan (also commonly known as Medigap insurance) can improve your retirement plans.

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Do you picture yourself living the retirement years that you deserve? Have you taken the necessary steps to make that retirement dream of yours a reality? As much as we’d want comfortable golden years, we all need to plan and work hard to attain it. And a step that you can take towards that bright future is by providing solutions to some old retirement problems, through the use of a Medigap insurance policy.

Perfect to start the New Year, right? Let’s head on over to the first problem.

Out-of-Pocket Medical Bills

Unexpected and expensive medical bills can result to quickly depleting a retiree’s nest egg. Even with coverage from an Original Medicare plan, out-of-pocket fees/gaps such as copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance fees still need to be shouldered by policyholders.


It’s an old retirement problem of not being able to anticipate medical bills: as further highlighted in an NCOA study, more than half of older adults in America feel that they are “very prepared” to secure their finances in the future.

The NCOA finding contradicts last year’s IRI study: most baby boomers have no money set aside for the golden years!


Medigap supplements help address the issue of securing retirement funds. By helping pay for the gaps (either full or partially), policyholders can now manage their finances in a more efficient manner. Additionally, applicants can choose among ten standardized Medigap insurance plans. The option to choose a policy assures individuals that their specific and unique needs will be covered.

Travel Coverage

Another old retirement problem is travel. For some, retirement is a time to explore the world. However, traveling does come with several risks, with medical attention ranking as one of the highest.


This is where Medicare Supplemental plans come into the picture. Foreign travel coverage, available on selected Medigap insurance, assures policyholders that their medical needs will be addressed even outside the country.

More than proper care and attention, the peace of mind that this type of coverage offers can result to convenient and enjoyable vacations. Now isn’t that how the golden years should be experienced?


2017 is Your Year

Medigap insurance offers even more benefits. Make sure to reach out to an agent for more information. Better yet, request for Medicare Supplement Insurance quotes online, to give you an idea of how much you’d need to set aside for the premiums. It’s the New Year – best to start something fantastic this time around!

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