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An excellent way to approach the way you plan for your retirement is by requesting for a Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance quote. Also known as Medigap, this insurance policy will help lift the heavy financial burden of medical bills that you may encounter during the twilight years. Let’s find out more below on why you should start searching for quotes today.


Equipping Yourself With the Right Set of Tools

According to the FreeMedSuppQuote Medicare Supplemental Buyer’s Guide, a Medigap insurance plan will provide policyholders a set of tools that will address some of the biggest hurdles one may face during retirement.


With that said, let’s discuss first some of the most important characteristics that this insurance policy has:


An individual may only apply for Medigap coverage if he or she is 65 and enrolled in an Original Medicare Plan (Comprised of Medicare Part A and Part B).


Basic Coverage

There are ten standardized plans to choose from. Regardless of which policy a person selects, these basic benefits are covered:

· The first three pints of blood

· Medicare Part A coinsurance fees

· Medicare Part A copayments (hospice care/services/support)

· Medicare Part B coinsurance fees (or copayments)


Private insurance companies sell Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance Plans. This means that an applicant has the convenience of searching for an agent who’ll offer a policy at a reasonable price. Additionally, Medigap prices vary depending on their rating,


A Flexible Solution Perfect for the Golden Years

Let us know focus more on what Medicare Supplements can provide for an individual:


Supplemental health insurance for Medicare basically work this way: a policy will help pay for out-of-pocket medical costs that aren’t covered by Original Medicare Plans. These costs, also known as “gaps,” are deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance fees.


But why focus on the gaps? Well, these charges add up and may definitely derail even those on a tight budget. As revealed in a recent Commonwealth Fund study, more than one-fourth of Medicare beneficiaries (approximately 15 million individuals) spend as much as 20% of their income on these out-of-pocket fees alone. And seeing how other retirement essentials (such as mortgage and the like) are increasing, one’s nest egg is definitely at risk!

Beyond The Gaps

Depending on the purchased plan as well, some Medigap policies offers additional features that may delight baby boomers. Foreign travel coverage, for one, offers the peace of mind that emergency health care and services are covered even on foreign soil. This benefit works best for boomers with plans to travel abroad during the golden years, or for those who regularly take trips to places with warmer climates during the cold months of a year.


Where Can You Request for a Quote?

Finally, requesting a quote for supplemental health insurance for Medicare can be done in the safety and convenience of your home. Searching for Free Medicare Supplement Quotes is as easy as browsing the net! Of course, we do suggest to practice safety precautions and vigilance when searching for a site that offers the said quotes.


Once you get the quote, make sure to discuss further details with an agent. This way, you’ll get a clearer understanding of how to approach the retirement years. Please make sure to ask about the available plans – taking the time to learn which policy will work best to address your needs or preferences will assure you of a safer and more comfortable future.

We hope that you get to request a quote today and that you’ll get to meet and agent who’ll provide you with the information you’ll need. Good luck and we wish you brighter golden years to enjoy!

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