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How to Help Your Parents Prepare For Medicare Enrollment Application

When my father turned 65, I helped him in his Medicare enrollment application and that was surprisingly unforgettable!

I never thought Medicare is really confusing in reality. With so much information and many options, it is quite common to get overwhelmed. I know, because I have been there and got overwhelmed too. Because of the experience, I wanted to help you how you can help your parents prepare for Medicare enrollment application and finish it successfully.

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Know how Medicare works.

To help you and your parents and the right options, it is important that both of you understands how Medicare works. You can help them by assisting them with the terms and explaining to them the Parts and benefits of Medicare in a way they can easily understand.


Typically, you should be able to understand the what, where, when, how of Medicare, such as:

What is Medicare?

What are the parts of Medicare?

What is the coverage provided by the different parts?

What is Medicare Advantage plans?

What is a Medicare supplement plan?

When is the Medicare enrollment period?

How can I enroll?

where can I buy additional health insurance for Medicare?


In gathering information, it is important to consider your sources to ensure that you will only get the true and correct details. As for Medigap, you can check out these top places to obtain Medicare supplement information. For Medicare, you can visit, where it is explained thoroughly.



Know the needs of your parents

What are the needs of your parents? Explore their health history, records, prescriptions, and financial capacity. Through the information about your parents, you’ll be able to help them navigate the options and find the right coverage.



The best thing to do this is by having a conversation with your parents. It can be awkward, but that is understandable. Try starting the conversation in a casual mood and gradually move to health topics, then to their future plans.



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Accomplish “Authorization to Disclose Personal Health Information” form.

If you are going to represent your parents in processing their Medicare, it is important to accomplish Authorization to Disclose Personal Health Information. This essential so you can speak to a Medicare agent directly.



Ask for help of experts

If you also get overwhelmed or confused, it won’t hurt if you ask for the help of the Medicare experts. You can attend Medicare workshops or seminars held in your local libraries or activity centers.


You can also ask the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) or State Insurance Department for Assistance not just about Medicare but also for Medicare supplement plans.

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