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How to Have a Happy Retirement: 5 Surefire Ways

Retirement is the time to relax and be happy. It is the time for your dreams to come true. Finally, you are in sole control of your time to do whatever you want. There are lots of things retirees can do! You can take long vacations, take new hobbies, eat wherever you want, and spend the money you have been saving for years!

Retirees think that they will be much happier in life once they retire. But, the result of Employee Benefits Research Institute survey shows the opposite. According to the study, respondents said that their retirement is “very satisfying” dropped from 60.5% in 1998 to just 48.6 percent in 2012. On the other hand, respondents who say that their retirement is “moderately satisfying” and “not at all satisfying” increased from 31.7% to 40.9% and from 7.9% to 10.5%.


So, how can you be not part of those unsatisfied or unhappy retirees? Here are some ways how you can have a happy retirement.

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5 Ways How to Have A Happy Retirement

1. Be healthy and have a secured your health

According to the same survey, health status along with net worth is strongly correlated with retirement satisfaction. With that, being healthy can make your retirement satisfying and happy.


Also, being healthy in retirement also means healthy nest egg. Focus on what you can control and manage. Remember your DNA isn’t your destiny, if you have hypertension in the family it doesn’t mean that you will eventually have it also. People who are active and healthy in the middle age face fewer chronic ailments in the last five years of life, so they get to enjoy more of their retirement being active and feeling good.

On the other hand, since healthcare issues are also inevitable, it is never wrong to also have a plan b for this matter. You can secure future with health and long term care coverage to ease your worries away. Securing your possible health care needs can also protect your finances once the need arises. If you get to have a Medicare, consider having Medicare Supplement plan to decrease your out-of-pocket costs further. The point of having secured health care is that your bills won’t have to burden you and your family and that you could continue a satisfying retirement worry free.


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2. Have a predictable paycheck

As I have mentioned earlier, net worth is one of the factors that strongly correlate with happy retirement. Money is a factor that can make your retirement happy. Where your retirement income comes from is just as important as how much savings you have” says Wes Moss, a financial planner and author of You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think: The 5 Money Secrets of the Happiest Retirees. Retirees with predictable income get enjoyment in spending the money than they do using what they have saved from their retirement accounts. Samples of a predictable income are your pension or rental properties.


3. Continue working – part-time

One of the key findings of Carol Graham, Late-life work, and well-being survey says that voluntary part-time workers have more life satisfaction and less stress and are more satisfied with their jobs than full-time workers.


Financial isn’t just the benefits of working. It is also beneficial to your health - again one of the major keys to retirement happiness. The physical activities and social connections you’ll have in working will keep sedentary lifestyle and loneliness at bay.

Also, a 2009 study published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology found that retirees with part-time jobs have a lower case of major diseases such as heart disease and hypertension compared to those who completely stopped working.


4. Be busy as a bee

A great way to keep boredom and loneliness a way is to keep yourself busy. Retirees with a lot of things to do, tend to be happier. Happiest retirees tend to engage in three to four activities regularly.


Choose a hobby that involves socializing with people to boost your happiness. It includes volunteering, travelling, golfing. People who chose hobbies like reading, hunting, fishing, and writing tend to be less happy. Socialization makes you happier in retirement.

5. Relationships have an impact

Having a lot of time in your hands means you get to be with your spouse all the time. This could have a great impact on your mood and entire retirement as you will get to spend more together compared to the time when you are both working. It will be a satisfying retirement if a married couple gets along well but the opposite will happen if they don’t.


Children who are living near their retired parents are also less happy. Though the reason is unclear, it is better to live not that much closer to them if you want to enjoy more of your retirement time.

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