Dating Advice for Baby Boomers

For most single baby boomers, February is a month when love is best felt. Heck, the excitement and the thrill are in the air! But without the proper planning and dating advice to guide these lovely men and women, date night may just end up as a disaster. We’ve listed down some helpful tips and reminders to make the love month memorable. Who knows, you just might end up with “the one” with these!

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Check Dating Sites and Apps

Here’s the first dating advice: go online. Did you know that more baby boomers are seeking love online? According to the Pew Research Center, 12% of adults age 55 to 64 years old stated that they used an online dating site or a mobile dating app last year. This is a significant increase, with only 6% from the same cohort recorded last 2013.


The increase in number may stem from the fact of mobile devices availability. All it takes to search for a date is a tap or a swap on a smartphone!

Of course, safety should also be prioritized when using these sites and apps. Always make sure to check if the profile of the person you’re interested in is legitimate. A simple search online of your potential date’s name may reveal if you’re speaking with a real person or not. If still in doubt, try to contact your date and gauge if you’d like to still meet him or her.


The same goes when creating your own dating site account. As much as you’d want to create an appealing profile, make sure you do not post any sensitive details. The last thing you’d want to experience this month is being stalked having your identity stolen.

Love in Nursing Homes

The second dating advice: love may just be around the corner. Especially for nursing home residents, for more care centers now hold dating events and other similar activities. Take, for example, the Hebrew Home at Riverdale. This nursing home started G-Date, a dating service that allows residents to meet potential partners.


Pushing the envelope further, seeking love isn’t limited to dating sites or nursing homes. Love can be found anywhere if you make an effort to look for it.

Date Night Essentials

So, you were able to contact a potential partner through the suggestions above. What’s the next step? Well, making your date a memorable and fun experience. Here is some dating advice to do just that:

First Impressions Count

Put your best foot forward during your date. Men, make sure to shower and shave. Ladies, do your magic by applying some makeup.


Decide on a Place and Time

Find a place where you’d both enjoy the food and ambiance. Consider as well, since it’s Valentine’s, on making a reservation. It’ll be really awkward for you both to be there with no available table.


Talk and LISTEN

As much as you’d want to speak your thoughts on how wonderful the experience is, make sure also to let your date talk. It matters if you listen – you also wouldn’t want to be with someone who’d just blabber the night away, right?


Best Dating Advice: Your Best Self is Yourself

Most importantly, do not emulate a celebrity or another person during your date. Intentional feelings make a wonderful time – you do not have to be someone else to be interesting. You are already interesting. Relax: confidence will follow suit as soon as you relax and see the time spent with your date as a happy occasion.


BONUS: Insurance May Save the Day

Love may be this month’s highlight. But also set aside some time to learn and understand how insurance coverage works. Yes, you read that right – insurance. This is because getting the right coverage matter will allow you to enjoy the dating scene at its best.


An example of insurance coverage that may result to enjoyable dates this month is Medicare Supplemental Plans. Also known as Medigap, these plans help pay for out-of-pocket costs (such as coinsurance fees, copayments, deductibles) not covered by Original Medicare. Addressing these expenses not only stretches a policyholder’s savings. The peace of mind gained from Medigap effectively take a stressful burden off an individual’s back, giving him or her the focus, time, and attention to make the most out of the senior dating scene.

Want to know more about Medigap? Please request for Medicare Supplement Quotes online to give you an idea of how much needs to be paid. Otherwise, please get in touch with a preferred agent to start preparing for your future today.


Happy Valentine’s!

We hope you the best during this Valentine’s month. The simple dating advice above should give you an idea of the various things needed to prepare for date night. Enjoy, and we hope you get to meet a fabulous partner this month!

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