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4 Ways to Celebrate National Therapeutic Recreation Week in a Fun and Fantastic Manner!

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National Therapeutic Recreation Week, celebrated every second week of July, is an event meant to help more people be aware of the importance of therapeutic recreational activities.


And recreational activities should definitely be integrated into treatments – the stress that one faces in rehabilitation can be taxing. Especially for baby boomers with chronic health problems and the like, a dose of sunshine in treatments matters.

For boomers with Medicare Supplement Plans (who, more than likely, enrolled in a policy to cover the gaps in Original Medicare Plans), knowing that therapy can also be an excellent way to release some stress will help bring in some much-needed positivity in their lives.


And that’s probably how one should face the golden years – with a smile!

To sprinkle some dose of happiness and delight in this wonderful event, we’d like to share some fun suggestions to commemorate and integrate into conventional recreational treatments. Let’s check out the first suggestion:

The Rhythm of Happiness

A visit to a doctor or undergoing medical checkups, for some, can be stressful. After all, no one wants to go through the dreadful experience of waiting in line, going through some tests, and having an anxious wait on results and such.


And an even stressful rehabilitation experience occurs for boomers undergoing physical therapy. As essential as it is to have an expert go through the routine of treatment, these sessions may be painful and even emotional moments that some would have always wished to go away.

Which is why, to help individuals with the mentioned problems and the like, some music will help push the blues away. A study conducted by the Pennsylvania’s Meadville Medical Center revealed that recreational music helps patients with stress-related cardiovascular disease alleviate their moods.


According to the study, making music (not just listening to it) helps boost one’s emotions, especially when done in a group. Even more so, listening and making music is even more effective than quiet reading activities.

Planting Seeds of Hope

Another fun and relaxing activity to pursue this National Therapeutic Recreation Week is planting. Gardening activities, whether indoor or outdoor, offer boomers a both a sense of creativity and responsibility of being able to nurture plants.


Similar to music, gardening activities, when done as a group, can serve as excellent avenues for boomers to socialize. Additionally, being able to harvest fruit-bearing or vegetable plants will also serve as a fun moment to experience – nutritious as well for boomers to partake and share!

Being with Man’s Best Friend

For an exciting and loving therapeutic activity, recruit the services of man’s best friend! Not limiting this activity to dogs alone, for cats and other pets can also provide some warmth and comfort that boomers deserve during the golden years.


The opportunity to take care and bond with a pet allows a person to see the beauty of what life has to offer. From simply walking with a dog (which is also a healthy activity to engage in) to the maintenance of an aquarium, spending time with pets is synonymous to bringing in some cheer during the retirement years.

Happiness in Your Mind

No matter activity you decide to do this week, make sure to have a positive outlook on life. Happiness begins with you. Seeing the many blessings you have in your current situation in life will also let you realize that there are more things to look forward to.


We hope that the mentioned suggestions will allow you and other readers to see that there are fun ways to celebrate National Therapeutic Recreation Week. Also, make sure to request for a Medicare Supplemental Quote – being covered is a good way to have more opportunities to have fun activities during retirement!

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